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Welcome to BrossWiki!
We're currently editing over 509 articles, and A show that every bross can edit.

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All of the things you will see on here is fan-made. Don't get tricked into thinking it's real.

Welcome to BrossWiki!

This a collaborative resource and wiki for The Felipebross and Eddybross Show and The New Felipebross and Eddybross Show, a media franchise created by Felipebross Network and FelipeWorks Inc., launched in January 2013. Wiki founded December 17, 2013. Come and edit our 509 (and growing) articles with 14,583 cumulative edits, or create one yourself!

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Our Best Article!

FBNBrandnew! Felipebross Network is an american tv channel. It was founded in June of 1985 by Felipe S. Their brother channels are Koopatroopaman Studios Network, The Meowflash Channel and Five TV. The voice of the announcer is AT&T Mike and sometimes Speakonia Male #3 (Eddie). Read more...

Character of the Month

FelipePac FelipePac is a Pac-Man form of Felipebross.

Episode of the Month

Screen Shot 2015-01-18 at 14.21.47 The Roblox World is the 5th episode of the 5th season of The New Felipebross and Eddybross Show. Read more...

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